Police Called To Shannon Beador’s House

Shannon Beador

I’m up late catching up on BBAD and found this news in my email. Apparently Shannon Beador had a house party on Sunday night. First of all, as a southerner, we don’t have house parties on a Sunday night unless we are dumb 18 year olds and our parents are out of town. For the most part in my hood, including the influx of Mexicans, we all live by old school southern rules. And the big rule is we do not cut the grass or blow leaves or do anything to disturb the peace on Sundays. I love that that rule has lasted as long as it has. Apparently, that is not a thing in California. But it is here.

Oh and another thing that would not happen in my hood is taking selfies with the PoPo. But clearly, I don’t live the same life as Shannon Beador or the RHOOC.

So Shannon apparently had a party with her kids at home, according to sources to celebrate the end of summer.

The tres amigas were there and Kelly Dodd was not. She’s on the outs. I am not sure how I feel about Kelly Dodd at this point. She is/was in London and her Fox reporter flew over to see her.  I mean, come on. Really?

Shannon Beador’s Divorce Struggle

The thing is that Kelly is showing herself not to be friends in real life with any of them. And hey, that makes perfect senses she is younger. But if you are dumb enough to go up against the OG of the OC just because she is a “friend” this season, you are going to feel dumb as fuck when she has a Bravo wedding next season. I would say that Bravo would never get rid of Vicki, who as you notice is #1 in the photo above, but they TRIED TO THIS SEASON!  And then they had the nerve to demote her!

If Vicki agrees to get engaged this season and married next season, she is totally back in. Sorry Kelly.

In other news, should a woman who just went through a nasty custody battle and won be having parties where the cops show up?