Plunder: Vikings and Badlands stars and crew share €36.5m

TWO major international TV productions shot in Ireland, ‘Vikings’ and ‘Into The Badlands’ last year paid out combined wages of €36.5m to their stars and crew.

Underlining the spin-off to the economies of Counties Wicklow and Dublin from productions availing of tax credits from the State, the amount paid to staff and crew for the 6th and final series of ‘Vikings’ totalled €16.58m. Work on the production continued until November at Ashford Studios in Co Wicklow.

The firm’s total production expenses for the year came to €57.4m. The Revenue Commissioners has confirmed that ‘Vikings’ and ‘Into the Badlands’ each qualified for tax credits in the €10m to €30m bracket last year. Badlands Three TV Productions paid out €20m in wages to 540 employees last year.


Irish Independent


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