Jean-Claude Juncker says Westminster ‘sphinx’ must make its mind up on Brexit

The European Commission president made his remarks in Germany.

European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker has said it is time for Westminster to spell out what it wants on Brexit, saying the mythical sphinx is easier to decipher than UK politicians.

After rejecting Prime Minister Theresa May’s divorce deal three times, MPs were holding a series of votes on Brexit alternatives on Monday in an attempt to find the elusive idea that can command a majority.

A sphinx is an open book in direct comparison with the British Parliament
Jean-Claude Juncker

Mr Juncker said in a speech on Monday to the Saarland state legislature in Saarbruecken, Germany: “We now know what the British Parliament doesn’t want, but we haven’t heard what it wants.

“A sphinx is an open book in direct comparison with the British Parliament.”

Jean-Claude Juncker making with Theresa May (European Parliament/PA)

He added: “We must get the sphinx to talk now.

“Enough of the long silence.”

Mr Juncker confirmed to reporters that the UK would have to take part in May’s European Parliament elections if it remains an EU member beyond April 12.

He said:  “If the British haven’t left by April 12 and there is an extension, then Britain must take part in the European election.”

He added: “That is (in) the treaty.

“Whether I want that is another question.”

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