Cross-border cattle rustlers blamed for raid on Monaghan farm

Cross-border cattle rustlers are being blamed for a raid on a farm near the South Armagh border in Co. Monaghan and the theft of a herd of more than twenty livestock.

The gang struck yesterday (Tues) morning at
a farm at Oram, three miles from Castleblayney, and removed the
livestock from a roadside location.

It is believed a large cattle-
truck, or a trailer, may have been used in the early morning raid
by the rustlers.

Detectives also believe the animals may be killed
in a back-street slaughterhouse and the meat marketed through
unscrupulous victuallers, and in a door-to-door operation, in towns
and villages in the North.

Gardai and the PSNI have alerted all
livestock salesyards on both sides of the border about the theft
and a watch is being kept for any suspicious livestock marketing.

These people stole 21 cattle from our farm last night

Posted by Paul Brennan on Tuesday, April 2, 2019


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